Sex During The Pandemic – 5 Steps To Protect Yourself and Partner

At each stage of deconfinement, new protective measures must be adopted. The sex between non-regular partners is no exception. The Sex During The Pandemic physical will be different. Do you know what to do to protect yourself?

If you are a couple, live at the same address, and that none must follow isolation instructions, there is no particular measure to take during sexual intercourse. But the situation is quite different for singles and for people who do not live under the same roof. It goes without saying that finding a sex life is not simple. First, the physical distance between two people who do not live at the same address remains a protective measure issued by the Government of Quebec. And even if this distance were reduced to 1 meter, in a few weeks, this would not give rise to the possibility of sexual contact.

Sex During The Pandemic

New Practices

Sex in a pandemic leaves no one cold. Some measures are excessive and moralizing, as in Great Britain, where it has been wished to prohibit – and even penalize – sexual relations between people who do not live at the same address. We even saw the appearance of the hashtag #sexban. Others do not condemn the return to sex life with certain precautions, because it also has an impact on people’s mental health. But how do you make a decision about what will happen under your sheets?

First, start your personal likeness and use Cialix Male Enhancement for longer and tight erection. To you, for you! And this, by weighing your needs, your fears, your desires, and the data regarding the spread of COVID. You will have to make choices and establish your own limits within which you feel comfortable having sex with a partner. This exercise is important because then you will need to discuss it with your partner. Suddenly, sex maybe a little less spontaneous and more prepared. But this is part of the indemnity harm of the epidemic.

5 Steps To Protect Yourself and Your Partner For Sex During The Pandemic

It is clear that for the moment Sex During The Pandemic so difficult, even if the government authorities have not issued specific rules, sexual relations between non-regular and non-exclusive partners – therefore not living together – are implied to be impossible, but if you decide to break the rules, you still have to protect yourself.

1 – Know Your Partner

You should not have sex with a non-exclusive partner if either of you has symptoms related to COVID-19, are awaiting a result, are in quarantine, or have received isolation instructions. Obviously, it may be a strange preliminary thing to do an inventory of your contacts and ask questions about the protective measures respected, but you can make a better decision. Remember that your safety and your health are your best guides.

2 – Sex During The Pandemic You Need Limit The Number of Partners

The less you expose yourself to the risk, the less your risks. Limiting the number of partners is a good option. Some countries advocated the “ sex buddy ” to get through the pandemic. Even Horacio Arruda made it clear, on April 7, that in times of pandemic and confinement,  monogamy is preferable.

3 – The Least Possible Exchange of Fluids

The COVID-19 virus can be found in saliva,  semen, and feces. For the moment, the data are not precise concerning vaginal secretions. But in any case, to protect yourself, you should reduce the exchange of fluids. This means avoiding kissing, oral sex, and sodomy.

4 – Use a Mask AND a Condom For Sex During The Pandemic

Of researchers from Harvard University even suggest couples to wear a mask during the relationship to prevent droplet transmission. Also, using a condom and Cilalix is apparently necessary. It precisely prevents the exchange of fluids in addition to protecting you against STBBIs. Not easy to make love while being masked? Interesting fact:  science journalist Yanick Villedieu recalls that in the 1980s, the use of condoms was put forward by public health to counter the AIDS epidemic and that many people were suspicious and reluctant to use it during sexual relations… as many are today with the wearing of the mask.

5 – Wash, Wash!

Still, according to the same study, you should pay close attention to hygiene. You are advised to shower before and after intercourse and to wash all affected surfaces. No risk to take!

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